VW CEO Diess confirms that Ducati is not for sale

The VW CEO has given his backing to electrification although he wants the halo brands, Ducati and Lamborghini, to remain

Ducati Diavel 1260 Lamborghini

THE Volkswagen Group board has given its backing to the CEO, Herbert Diess, as he plans to electrify the VW Group’s brands but the halo brand of Lamborghini and Ducati will remain.

The possible sale of Ducati has been big news in the last couple of months, especially given the amount of conflicting and confusing reports that have been doing the rounds! Now though it seems that Ducati’s fate does still lie within the Volkswagen Group, although the future of the brand is still not clear.

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With Volkswagen needing to increase its share price earlier this year, rumours began to circulate claiming that the iconic Italian brand could be, once again, up for sale. Indeed, news agency Reuters quoted an un-named insider who claimed that VW top-brass had gone as far as inviting offers from interested parties.

This rumour was quickly dashed, with CEO Diess claiming the sale was completely fabricated, even going on to praise the two Italian brands for their handling of the global pandemic.

Now though, Diess has gone as far as he can to dash any further rumours, confirming that the brands will both remain within the fold, each residing under Audi name. Interestingly, the two Italian brands will be joined under the four-rings by another iconic British automotive marque, Bentley. The move will see the majority of VW Groups luxury brands residing under the Audi umbrella, although at this time it’s not clear as to what is happening with Bugatti.