Should any car driver be allowed to ride a motorcycle?

FEMA are inviting motorcyclists to have their say on whether any car driver should also be allowed to ride motorcycles their same licence

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THE Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations (FEMA) has opened a discussion via its website, asking motorcyclists to have their say on whether car drivers should be able to ride bikes on the same licence.

The survey, which can be found here, is asking whether or not we think that full car licence holders should be allowed to ride motorcycles up to 125cc without the need to change licenses or take any further training.

FEMA is asking the question as a response to most EU and EEC governments trying to force people onto public transport, a move it believes will not help all people from a range of urban, suburban and rural areas. For these riders, FEMA see the powered-two-wheeler as being the only answer to congestion and environmental concerns, with the move to allow car drivers to ride up to 125cc as an answer to this.

The move would be similar to the rule that allows drivers who passed their car driving practical test before February 2001 to ride a moped of not more than 50cc. Although the speed and power output provided by a top-spec 125cc A1 licence machine are considerably more.

The article accompanying the survey states: “The current focus of the European mobility strategies is on public transport, cycling and walking. However, public transport will never reach everywhere in urban areas and cycling, and walking is only possible for limited distances. There will always be a need for individual motorised personal transport. FEMA foresees a growing role for powered two-wheelers, especially motorcycles, instead of cars.

“In some European countries, car licence holders (B licence) are allowed to ride an A1 motorcycle, a motorcycle of 125cc. FEMA would like to know how you – the European motorcyclists – feel about this subject.”

For more information on the survey, head to:


I think anyone that holds a full car license for 20 years or more should have sufficient knowledge to ride up to 400 cc motor cycle any bigger then take an extended test

Nah no way. Honestly just no. I'm assuming you've never ridden a bike before to be saying this. Bikes are a lot more involved than cars, and there's many elements to riding a bike that will be wholly new to car drivers - lean, body positioning, countersteering, balance.

Even the elements that are shared will feel new since they are mechanically different on a bike, or the inputs are on different limbs, where they'll feel like new skills needing to be learned and practiced.

There's far more road and weather hazards for motorcycles too, things that are safe to overlook in a car but can have you on your arse on a bike - you'd have no experience to look out for these things. There's some bike-specific dos and don'ts that you might be unaware of too, specially if you've never ridden a pushbike either.

As much as I'd like to see less cars and more bikes, I have to say it would be silly and unsafe to scrap bike-specific training & tests. There's far more of an argument for bikers being allowed to drive cars under their motorcycle category endorsements, but even that would be silly and unsafe

I do think all car drivers should have some experience riding a bike, and so maybe the CBT should be mandatory to all who are fit and able as part of the car license - or make it optional but drop insurance rates for those who take part.

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I think it should be the other way round. Motorcycle riders should be able to drive cars on their licence. To me, every car driver should be made to ride a motorcycle before a car, except certain medical cases. A bike rider is more aware of road conditions than a car driver. Yes, the car driver will learn eventually, but they have already learnt the bad habits before getting on the bike. Bike license first would still better car drivers, in most cases. So, no car drivers should not be able to ride motorcycles without taking their test first. The FEME survey is rubbish, it is just asking in which scenario should car drivers be allowed to ride bikes, not whether they should, apart from the first question.

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