Should all cyclists and e-scooter riders wear visible ID and have a licence?

A petition has been started to request all cyclists and e-scooter riders display a visible ID when riding around, as well as introduce a licensing system.


A petition has been started on the UK government petitions page, requesting that new requirements are introduced for all e-scooter riders and cyclists that share our roads. 

With personal mobility seeing some incredible growth over the past year, many are turning to two-wheels to get around.

Whilst motorcycles & scooters are, of course, subject to fairly rigorous testing and licensing (although the CBT can be a little lacklustre for a brand new rider), jumping on a bicycle or e-scooter is entirely a free-for-all. Particularly the surge of renting e-scooters and cycles in cities.

Nicholas Frank Freeman thought enough was enough and started this petition.

It was submitted with the following details:

‘The Government should require cyclists and e-scooter riders display visible ID, require that cycle lanes be used where available, and introduce a licensing and penalty point system for all cyclists and licensing system for e-scooter riders.

Roads are now shared with more cyclists and e-scooters than ever. Yet cyclists and e-scooter riders aren't currently held accountable in same way as drivers.

Cycle lanes can be safer yet are often not used. A licence scheme and penalty points system should ensure responsible cycling and e-scooter use.’

Should the petition reach 10,000 signatures, the UK government will respond to the petition. At 100,000 signatures it will be considered for debate in parliament. As of publishing, it's sitting on 6,838 signatures.

Should e-scooter riders and cyclists be subject to new rules?

These aren’t exactly new thoughts, recently we reported on Mr. Loophole who had much of the same idea for all of those who share the roads to be held accountable for their riding, and wear visible identification (like a tabard). 

A cycling proficiency test doesn’t quite ensure safety on the roads, as it’s entirely optional to complete - passed mine first time at school though, just saying. Although I’m pretty sure everyone did.

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