Royal Enfield planting a tree for every motorcycle sold in Italy

Teaming up with Treedom, Royal Enfield is helping Italian riders do their bit for the economy in two ways… for each new motorcycle sold, a tree is planted!

Royal Enfield and Treedom partnership Italy

Royal Enfield has announced a new official charity partnership with Treedom in Italy, where a tree will be planted for each & every new motorcycle purchased!

As it stands around 800 trees have been planted, and the initiative is set to continue for the coming years. 

Treedom works with local Italian farmers to plant a tree in one of their community forests around the world, with each new rider able to select a specific type of tree that they’d like to plant from the Treedom range - including lemon trees, avocado trees and good ol’ oak trees. 

Each planted tree will be photographed, geo-located and given its own online page for the ‘new RE owner’ to track the growth & progress of their green buddy, and the impact it’s making to the community. 

Further, every tree will directly support the local farming communities - with the various fruits and produce belonging 100% to the farmer who takes cares of the tree, who in turn can decide to use them as a food resource or to support their own income.

By absorbing CO2, improving the soil and promoting biodiversity, each tree planted helps make the planet that little bit greener, little by little making a difference to help offset their carbon footprint. 

You may wonder what good planting a tree will do in the immediate future - well, the famous quote goes something like "The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” 

Speaking with Royal Enfield, the partnership is exclusively in Italy for now, with a possible extension to Germany on the cards - currently the UK charity partnership for the now Indian brand is with CALM UK - or the Campaign Against Living Miserably - in aid of suicide prevention and mental health. 

If you’d like more info on the Treedom partnership, check out the website.

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