Patent drawings of Piaggio four-wheeled scooter emerge

Patent drawings have emerged of a four-wheeled scooter from Piaggio appearing as a sort of crossover between the MP3 and MyMoover.

Piaggio MP3 530

Piaggio is reportedly working on a four-wheeled version of its established MP3 three-wheeled scooter. 

Piaggio’s MP3 is undoubtedly one of the iconic scooters, its three-wheeled configuration setting the path for those that have followed since the Italian marque’s maiden effort in 2006.

Now, Piaggio is looking to go one step further still, it seems, by adding a second rear wheel in conjunction with the established second front wheel. 

This is according to patent drawings published in Cycle World that show a new four-wheeled leaning scooter. Cycle World reports that the design for the new ‘MP4’ (to make an assumption) is not based on the MP3, but the MyMoover, which has two wheels at the rear and maintains an upright position for the engine when the front end leans by pivoting in the middle.

That engine is taken from the MyMoover, and is a 125cc four-stroke.

The front end itself also differs from the MP3 which essentially has the two front wheels operating with joint control from the handlebar, rather than using the separate linkage system for each front wheel as on the MP3. Cycle World suggests that the design for the new four-wheeler is lighter, simpler and cheaper than that of the MP3.

The suspension will be a Watts linkage design, which is packaged within the diameter of the front wheels. This means the front wheels can be positioned close together, and although that inhibits larger wheel travel possibilities the expected intent for the ‘MP4’ as a city commuter should make the smaller packaging a solution with a greater benefit. 

The MyMoover on which this supposed ‘MP4’ is based is intended mostly as a delivery vehicle. Its single front wheel, however, can compromise its stability, especially in low-grip conditions with high weight loads. A four-wheeled solution could be the answer to those stability problems, although production is far from confirmed for this Piaggio prototype.

Patent drawing image credit: Cycle World/Ben Purvis.

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