Paris Police to launch ‘anti noise’ patrol!

Riders with a soft-spot for a noisy end-can should watch out when they travel through Paris in the future!


french police.

THE French police force has launched a crack team of officers with the sole preserve of clamping down on noisy motorcyclists.

The band of officers is reported to number some 40-members, all of whom are dedicated to helping fed up Parisiennes enjoy their time in the city in peace and quiet. It’s also reported that the team are specifically trained to detect high ‘noise emissions’ – so they have ears and can hear noise basically. The fines for riding a ‘noisy’ motorcycle in France is already pretty harsh, motorcycle in France is already pretty harsh, €90 in some cases. It’s also reported that the new unit have spoken to over 100 motorcyclists about their noisy motorcycles, although no official data regarding the number of fines issued.

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France’s capital is going through somewhat of a crackdown on noisy vehicles and in particular, motorcycles, as the city is already one of the first in the UK to install high-tech noise cameras. The complex array of microphones is designed to detect a noisy motorcycle or other vehicles as it passes, setting off a camera as it does that captures the number plate and issues the fine.

A similar system was spotted on the A32 near to Loomies motorcycle café, although that set up was merely set up to test whether a noise camera at that location could work, with no vehicle data being recorded.

What do you think of the latest branch of noise coppers roaming Paris, is it a good use of policer resources or should they be focusing on more pressing matters?

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