Motorcycles to be banned from Vienna

After bikes were banned from certain roads in the Tyrol, the city of Vienna in Austria is also heading towards a ban on bikes from the city centre

Motorcycles to be banned from Vienna

JUST a week after we reported that motorcycles were being banned from some of the most stunning roads in Europe, the Austrian government are also going to ban motorcycle from the city centre.

Unlike the ban on bikes in the Tyrol, which affects bikes only and not loud sports cars, the ban in Vienna is a blanket ban, affecting any motorized vehicles including motorcycles and even electric bikes!

Vice Mayor Birgit Hebein (Greens) and District Mayor Markus Figl (ÖVP) presented their vision for a ‘car-free’ Vienna at the beginning of last week, to much outcry from the motorcycle riding public. One of the main points of pain was the unusual and hard-line ban even on silent running and zero tail-pipe emissions creating electric motorcycles. The ban will also mean that vehicles parking in the centre – unless they are listed on the exception list below – are also in breach of the latest ruling.

The motorcycle landscape in central and southern Europe is very different to the UK, with many people making the switch to electric scooters and larger battery-powered machines.

Vienna vehicle exclusion zone exceptions:

Firstly, the ring-road that circles the city is excluded from the ruling, meaning that private cars, vans, and motorcycles can still use that route. Aside from that, people living within the exclusion zone or those who have a private garage in the vehicle-free zone (and have a parking permit) will be allowed, although the council hasn’t stated if this will include motorcycles!

Companies and workers within the zone will also be allowed to travel freely, including sales reps and those that work outside of normal office hours.

Commercial taxis will also be allowed into the centre of Vienna, as will hotel guest, as long as they are parking their vehicle in the designated parking garage they are staying at.