Missouri might be about to go backwards on helmet laws

State legislators in in the US state of Missouri could be about to allow adult riders to feel the wind in their hair once more

Motorcycle helmet

IN a move that may seem backward to many British riders, the Midwestern state of Missouri could be about to allow motorcyclists to ride without wearing a helmet.

The proposal is one small part of a massive state transportation bill being put before the state governor this week. The Bill is being pushed by a Republican Candidate, Jared Taylor, who claims he has already had the governor agree to sign the bill, although a spokesperson for them advised “there will be a thorough bill review to see what else is in the bill.”

The new proposals could mean that any rider over the age of 26 can choose whether or not to use a motorcycle helmet when riding any motorcycle. They must though have full health insurance (I’m not sure what good that will be if you do crash without a lid mind) and be able to provide proof of ‘financial responsibility’.

Democrat from St. Louis, Rep. Gina Mitten opposed this part of the bill on the House floor.

She said, “None of my constituents probably care a bit about the myriad of other things in this bill, except for the helmet law,” she told colleagues. “I don’t know about the other folks in this room, but I got a ton of emails over the past few days saying, ‘Do not do this.’”

One of the strangest parts of the new law is that the police would be restricted from pulling over a helmet-less motorcycle rider to check if they have the correct health insurance in place!

Missouri tried to push on with a similar rule change in 2019, although the same state governor rejected at that time.