MCIA backs EU proposal to extend dealer assistance around unsold Euro4 bikes

The MCIA has given its backing to a motion put forward by the European Commission designed to relieve the stress on dealers with Euro4 bike post-COVID-19

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THE COVID-19 pandemic has forced a meteoric change upon all global industries, with motorcycling winning on the one hand, and losing out on the other.

On the positive side is the news that more people are ditching the bus and the tube in favour of the freedom that riding a motorcycle brings. The negatives are almost no major motorcycle events, with racing either cancelled or held behind closed doors - and not to mention motorcycle shows postponed or cancelled.

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Another knock-on effect is that dealers have been left in a difficult situation with regards to Euro4 motorcycles. Those regulations are set to end this year, and dealerships must register those machines prior to them being sold.

The problem for dealerships is two-fold. Firstly, many dealerships remained closed for much of 2020, meaning bikes weren’t leaving the dealerships, and the opportunity to shift the outgoing Euro4 stock was massively reduced. The other issue, as we found out when speaking to Paul Styles from Doble in July, is that many of the people switching from public transport to motorcycles took the second-hand route over buying new.

The EU though seems to have a solution. And the MCIA is pushing the UK government to assume the same stance. The move by the EU would allow dealerships a certain amount of flexibility when it comes to registering their soon-to-be superseded Euro4 motorcycles. If adopted, the move would reduce some of the pressure on dealers, preventing them from moving into 2021 on the back foot and helping them to get over what has been one of the most stressful times in modern history.

The statement on the MCIA website reads:

“By adopting Article 44A, the Government would allow British PTW dealers more flexibility with registering their stock, helping to alleviate another pressure on their businesses in this most challenging of years.

“Such a move would help UK dealers continue to support the increasing number of people who are turning to PTWs as an efficient, low and zero-emission, congestion-busting, self-isolating, low-cost form of transport for commuting and leisure.”