Marzocchi signs production partnership with Chinese QJ Motors parent company

This new deal will give a huge manufacturing advantage to the Italian Marzocchi brand, jointly setting up a production facility in China.

VRM Group Marzocchi suspension pen deal with China QJ Motors

Expanding overseas to the Far East, VRM SPA (the owner of the Marzocchi company with a takeover in January 2016) and Zheijang Mazhuoke Machinery Manufacturing (parent company to QJ Motors, and one of the largest manufacturers of two-wheeled machines in the world) have penned a new deal.

The Italian and Chinese firms will set up a new production plant in the Chinese Zhejiang province, South of Shanghai, able to manufacture cutting edge forks and struts for the domestic market and for export - whilst research & development will still be conducted at the Bologna HQ. 

It appears that this is a deal that benefits all parties - Marzocchi ups their manufacturing and distribution game, whilst the QJ Motors brand will no doubt have access to some shiny new parts for their upcoming models. Though that part isn’t confirmed, it makes a lot of sense.

Since the VRM Group acquired the suspension brand back in 2016 (or, realistically, when VRM saved Marzocchi from collapse) business appears to be ever-rising, as Florenzo Vanzetto (VRM CEO) was happy to share:

“When we bought Marzocchi, the turnover was 8 million per year. Today it has a turnover of 32 million and is growing and is growing more and more with new projects and new partnerships. Within the Automotive division of VRM it is becoming the core business”

Marzocchi secures deal with QJ Motors group for Chinese production

With the new collaboration due to give the two groups ample opportunity to flourish with new development and vital funding, simple by Marzocchi parts now becoming available for inhabitants of the country with the largest population in the world. 

You’ll find fully electronic controlled Marzocchi rear suspension on the Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro, as one example, something that came in handy on our Lands End to John o’Groats trip in 2021. 

Source:, RideApart, VRM, Motorrad

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