Major Name Caught up in Child Labour Storm

The furore centres around an equipment supplier that works with the brand, which has reportedly hired ‘children’ to do potentially dangerous jobs!

Yamaha MT-07 - burnout

A motorcycle parts supplier that works with some big-name brands has been handed a $300,000 fine for reportedly breaking child labour laws.

The case happened in the United States, and the brand in question is Tuff Torq, a company which RideApart reports supplies exhaust maker Toro, heavy plant maker John Deere, and motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha. It goes on to report that the firm had been using workers as young as 14 years old, with some of them using "power-driven hoisting apparatus". The use of such equipment by anyone under the age of 18-years old is outlawed across the US.

A statement from Tuff Torq said that "Tuff Torq did not directly hire and employ the individuals" saying that they were from a "temporary workforce staffing agency”. 

Tuff Torq, part of the Yanmar Group, makes electric and mechanical drivetrains for four-wheeled vehicles like ride-on mowers, side-by-side ATVs, and marine applications.

RideApart also reports that Yamaha, in conversation with ATV Rider, said "Upholding ethical labor practices is paramount to Yamaha. It is also essential [that] Yamaha’s supply chain reflects our values of integrity, respect, and fairness, and we will continue to work diligently to uphold these principles in all aspects of our business operations.”

As a result of the investigation, Tuff Torq has been fined nearly $300,000 and has set aside $1.5 million which is to be paid to each of the ten children involved in the events. That works out to around $138,000 each, not a bad wage for someone as young as 14!