Nissan to Sell Silence Two & Four-Wheel EVs in dealers

The partnership will mean Nissan dealerships will be able to sell the Silence Nano S04 four-wheeler and electric scooters

Nissan x Silence Partnership

Starting in June 2024, Nissan will facilitate the sale of Silence EVs and scooters through its dealership network in France and Italy.

The move will see the firm’s Nano S04 battery-powered micro-car and the more well-known S02 electric scooter landing in dealerships and distributed by Nissan. Germany will follow and bikes will be available in that region from September 2024. 

The Nano S04 is an interesting thing, and available in two versions, 45kph (27mph) and 85kph (52mph). The first is designed primarily for inner-city driving only, while the higher-speed version can operate on dual carriageways. Like the Silence scooter range, the battery of the S04 can be removed from the vehicle and charged on a normal domestic socket. The specs of the electric scooters available in the dealerships will be the same as the bikes you can buy directly from Silence.

Speaking about the news, Leon Dorssers, Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales at Nissan AMIEO (Africa, Middle East, India, Europe & Oceania), said: 

"We believe the future is electric…but to make that future a reality, we have to do more to make it as inclusive as possible, available to all. Through this significant new partnership with ACCIONA, we're ensuring that many more people can experience the power and excitement of electric mobility and take the first step on their EV journey. Opening access to Silence's diverse range of brilliant, alternative products creates new and exciting possibilities for customers who are eager to join the EV revolution – combining clean mobility with cutting-edge technology, in functional and flexible vehicles."