Leeds councillor actively BACKING motorcycles in new trial

A Leeds councillor is taking the admirable step of backing motorcycles in a bus lane sharing trial

Bus Lane
Bus Lane

ALL too often we hear news and stories of local councils and the government steamrolling motorcycles and the people that use them in favour of public transport or cycling.

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And while the benefits of both taking Shanks's pony and the venerable push-iron out can’t be denied, they aren’t always convenient, viable, or as much fun as a motorcycle, if we are being honest.

So, I’m more than happy to report that a local councillor for Leeds City Council is not only actively backing motorcyclists in a new bus lane sharing trial, she is also recognising the good that using a motorcycle can do for the environment and congestion - top work Councillor!

The story centres around Councillor Hannah Bithell, who is asking for public opinion on a trial to allow motorcycles to use bus lanes in the city. While it’s true that there is nothing new in the schemes, it is how Councillor Bilthell approaches the matter that is so refreshing.

She notes that motorcyclists, particularly those riding small capacity mopeds, are a segment of road users that endure increased vulnerability on the roads, and states that allowing them to share bus lanes can keep them out of the flow of faster-moving traffic. She goes on to state the knock-on benefits that can come from this with a decrease in congestion, and reduction in carbon output.

bus lane
bus lane

Councillor Bithell said:

“This is particularly acute for younger motorcyclists - for instance, 16-year-olds who are restricted to riding 50cc mopeds limited to a maximum of 28mph. Allowing such particularly vulnerable road users to safely avoid mixing with often very busy general traffic in Kirkstall and without negatively impacting on other road users is a primary aim of the trial.

“Reducing the carbon and congestion impact of single-occupancy cars is critical. By encouraging motorcycles which emit less than half the carbon of private cars, we can improve air quality, fight climate change and reduce congestion.”

The tone of voice used by Councillor Bithell is in stark contrast to many other voices heard from within the establishment, and one that we at Visordown can completely get behind.

Those who wish to offer their views on this proposal are invited to contact Councillor Bithell at hannah.bithell@leeds.gov.uk.

Source – BMF.co.uk



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