Get On drives 12,940 motorcycle sales

Industry-backed campaign brings in thousands of new bikers

GET ON, the industry-backed campaign designed to offer free motorcycle taster sessions, has generated 12,940 motorcycle sales.

The Get On campaign was launched in 2009 and is designed to promote motorcycling to a wider audience. It's funded by dealers and manufacturers through the sales on new motorcycles. The campaign has seen coverage on BBC Breakfast and BBC news, as well as reaching out to audiences of national radio stations and newspapers.

The result is that 32,428 people have taken a free 1-hour taster session, with over one-third going on to take further training.

Motorcycle sales resulting from the Get On campaign total 12,940. Those new to motorcycling aren't the only ones buying bikes; sales have also been generated from those with a motorcycle licence who haven't ridden for years getting back onto two wheels after their free Get On session.

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