Energica continues to strengthen in Europe with new distributor

A new distributor has been announced by Energica for Latvia, as the Italian manufacturer continues to strengthen its European presence.

Energica motorcycles

A new distribution agreement has been confirmed by Energica, whose Latvian distribution network will now be handled by Rock Distribution.

The news from Energica comes among a number of other business-related changes being made at the Modena-based electric bike manufacturer.

Previously, Energica has announced the arrival of its motorcycles for the first time in several non-European countries, as well as a new expansion of its Modena base.

Rock Distribution has now been announced as the Energica distributor for Latvia, which also confirms Energica’s evolutionary intentions with regards to it European presence; particularly in the northeast of its home continent.

Edijs Rudzis, CEO Rock Distribution, said: “[Electric] motorcycles are a new product for the Latvian market, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to offer the best electric motorcycle in the market.

“At this moment there are more than 141 fast charging stations available for the public, and the infrastructure for electric vehicles is developing rapidly in the whole country. The coverage of charging stations gives the opportunity of everyday use of electric transport.”

Giacomo Leone, Energica Sales ROW Director, said: “We are so glad to introduce Rock Distribution like our importer. This agreement was signed to had the opportunity to approach the Latvian market, through which we expect a great increase of our brand awareness in the region.

“We are convinced that the best conditions exist for a significant increase in e-mobility, especially in this area. This agreement strengthens our commercial strategies aimed at increasing the presence of Energica dealers throughout Europe.”

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