Energica announces facility expansion, plans for automation

Energica has announced an expansion of its production facility in Modena, and has set targets for automated production in the future.

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Energica has announced a new step in the expansion of its Italian headquarters, which it hopes will be reflected by growth elsewhere in the business.

The growth of Energica’s Modena facility will see an 1,150 square-metre expansion built. This building will be partly focused on Energica Inside. Energica Inside works on developing new solutions for powertrains and batteries for electric vehicles.

Additionally, the results of Energica Inside’s research and development are not to be used exclusively by Energica, or exclusively in Energica motorcycles. “Energica Inside is ready to help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in their EV transition and bring new products to market quickly and affordably,” Energica says.

Other purposes for the new building include “research and development, and prototype development and testing,” Energica says.

The research and development at Energica works with Ideanomics to develop and progress both design and implementation of “advanced EV technologies,” Energica says. 

Ideanomics was founded in the US in 2004, and its fundamental purpose is to increase the rate at which electric vehicle technology is developed, in order to make electric vehicles more affordable and therefore, theoretically, more common.

Energica says that, in addition to its newly-announced facility expansion, it is also “making progress on expanding its manufacturing and assembly facilities, including a target for automation which will allow the electric motorcycle manufacturer to deliver on increased market demand.”

Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energica Motor Company, said: “From the beginning, Energica has been a crucial leader in Italy regarding EV recruitment and innovation.

“Our reputation and know-how enables Energica to attract talented people from around the world who often choose to stay and build their career with us. We look forward to growing our facility, expanding our staff, and welcoming new people ready to make EV history.”

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