EICMA unveils a new logo and slogan ahead of November 2021 event

With 3 months to go before the opening of the 78th motorcycle exhibition in Milan, EICMA reveals its rebranding with a new logo and slogan.

EICMA reveal its rebranded look for 2021

We’ve got just three months to go until the illustrious EICMA opens its doors for the 78th motorcycle exhibition in Milan, showcasing the latest & greatest of two wheeled design - and is a staple in the industry - it returns on the 23rd to the 28th of November, 2021.

For this year EICMA has decided to go for a new branding, including re-designing their logo and slogan with the help of Lorenzo Marini, the creative director of the advertising agency ‘Yes Marini’ of Milan. 

The new slogan has been selected as ‘Esposizione Internazionale Delle Duo Ruote’, which translates from Italian as ‘International Two Wheels Exhibition’ - it used to be ‘World Motorcycle Exhibition’. 

The reasoning for dropping ‘motorcycle’ and opting for ‘two wheels’ is quoted as: “the literal and old-fashioned name of “bicycle and motorcycle” is superseded for a more universal and contemporary “two wheels.” Fair enough, not sure the word ‘motorcycle’ is old-fashioned though! Maybe I’m wrong.

EICMA 2021 - new branding, new bikes, new show?

Whilst the red logo remains, symbolising the front wheel and fork of a ‘two-wheeler’, it has been reimagined to take a slightly different guise. Be ready for a bit of lateral thinking here, and taken from the EICMA site:

"The red, which represents the centrality of the passion for the sector, remains and the EICMA logotype comes out from inside the symbol to become the absolute focus externally. The visual elements that make it up - the circle and the fork. are also reinterpreted.

"The first is the image of the wheel, but also of the world to travel through, while the fork, which contains and controls it, pays tribute to the sector and the whole industry, the components, the parts and the accessories, as well as also becoming a wing, giving the logo new lightness and dynamism.’

As it was cancelled in 2020 due to the global pandemic, 2021 is set to be a welcome return for the event which thousands from around the world flock to. Plenty of manufacturers have confirmed their intentions to attend, so it’s looking like it’ll be a grand time!

Of course, Visordown will be attending, and finding out what’s new for you.

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