BYD Shuts Down Motorcycle Switch Rumour

One of China’s biggest electric car makers has confirmed that rumours of a move into the motorcycle sector are false

BYD logo

BYD is one of the fastest-growing electric car makers on the planet, although if you haven’t heard of the Chinese brand, we aren’t surprised. It is in the infancy of its expansion efforts in this part of Europe.

Being one of the biggest manufacturers from one of the biggest regions has meant that rumours have begun, alleging that BYD was about to make the move into the motorcycle manufacturing arena. 

Those rumours came about after some unofficial social media videos were published, highlighting the cost savings of owning a BYD-built motorcycle - that doesn’t exist yet and hasn’t, according to the company, been developed or tested. Those rumours have officially been put to bed now, with Li Yunfei, General Manager of the Brand and Public Relations Department of BYD Group, calling any two-wheeled whispers relating to the brand ‘all false’.

Does EV make it easier for car makers like BYD to build motorcycles?

Nissan (above) has recently began selling Silence two and four-wheel EVs in its dealerships

While in recent years we’ve seen fewer and fewer established car makers eyeing a switch to two wheels, the race to electrify transport, whether you agree with it or not, is seeming to accelerate the idea that car makers could begin building bikes. 

Electric cars and bikes have shifted the world of transport, and with battery-powered cars widely regarded as being less emotive than their petrol-powered equivalents, electric four-wheelers have become less about buying the thing you’ve always lusted after, and more about buying the tool that best suits you and your situation. 

This move does make it slightly easier for EV car makers to consider a switch to motorcycle production, as with electric motorcycles (in some cases) following this ethos, buying an electric bike has become less about dynamics, speed, and performance, and more about range, recharge time and cost.