Ariel latest to fit tracking as standard

Safety and security first as Ariel teams up with BikeTrac to begin fitting tracking kit as standard on its Ace models

Ariel latest to fit tracking as standard

ARIEL Motor Company has revealed it is partnering with security firm BikeTrac to provide built-in tracking equipment on its models.

Fitted to the high-end Ariel Ace motorcycles range, BikeTrac becomes the brand’s officially recognised security tracking partner. The company combines GSM, GPS, GPRS and RF technology to ensure assistance in vehicle recovery, even in the most remote locations.

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As well as being a potentially crucial piece of kit when you find yourself in a tight spot, such a device can also make a huge difference to those insurance premiums. 

This announcement is the latest in a noticeable shift by manufacturers to begin working alongside tracking and security firms to include them as standard-fitting as part of an order. 

Whereas many have been bought in recent years as an after-sales accessory, manufacturers are starting to wake up to the marketing potential of such a feature built in. Prior to Ariel, Honda revealed it is including a complimentary datatool GPS tracker with every new purchase., 

“We are delighted to agree terms with BikeTrac for security tracking,” said Ariel Motor Company’s Tom Siebert. “Having assessed the security market we saw the real-world effectiveness of BikeTrac, so when it came to selecting a partner we could offer endorsement to, it wasn’t a difficult choice at all.”

BikeTrac’s Bill Taylor, added, “Naturally we’re very pleased to assist Ariel with their efforts to offer owners additional peace of mind. We are proud to assist several manufacturers with their security solutions, but Ariel is a really unique and exciting brand to work with. We look forward to working with Ariel further going forwards.”