Yamaha patent crash detection and notification system

The new system from Yamaha detects a rider’s fall, calls a third party and puts on the indicators and horn as a warning to others

Yamaha dropped bike detection

YAMAHA has filed a patent for a new system of motorcycle crash detection that could be used on future bikes.

The system is similar to the BMW e-call system, in that a series of sensors and devices can detect when the ride has left the bike in motion or had an accident. At this point, the bike can initiate a call to a third party, notifying them of the incident and also the rider’s location. The system could call the emergency services, a friend or family member or even both.

Aside from the calls for help, the system can also turn on the bike's horn and indicators. It’s a helpful warning to other road users and also good for finding the bike and rider if the crash took them both off the road and into woodland for instance.

While the patent shows the system fitted to a sportsbike, looking like a YZF-R125, it’s small size and relatively simple set up would allow it to be used on a multitude of machines, on everything from small capacity scooters to the biggest touring machines.

For us though the system would be best suited to being fitted to one of Yamaha’s adventure machines, when riding in inhospitable and remote locations is all part of the deal - and the buzz. The thought of lying in a remote location unable to move or raise an alarm for hours on end is a recurring nightmare for me, this kind of system as a standard fitment to an adventure bike would be a massive weight lifted when going out solo for a ride.