World Speed Trials Confirmed for 2024 With August Date

The FIM-backed World Speed Trials 2024 will head to Lausitzring in Germany, with a quarter-mile rolling start format

World Speed Trials Confirmed for 2024 With August Date

Lausitzring will host the second edition of the SwissPerformance FIM-backed World Speed Trials this summer, as competitors look to set national and world records on the quarter-mile course.

The first event, which took place in 2023, was heralded as a success by the organisers, competitors and spectators, with eight new records awarded. Among them were Nina Prinz and Andreas Holzer, both chasing the same record and after an all-day battle, the FIM Land Speed World Record went to Prinz aboard her Suzuki GSX-R1000R clocking a speed through the beam of 190.214mph. The highest speed of the week, though, went to Johannes Müller of PS Sport Motorrad Magazine. Riding his supercharged Kawasaki Ninja H2R, and thanks partly to Kawasaki Germany, Müller was able to top 205.528mph along the quarter-mile course.

Traditional high-speed record events, which often take place on expansive salt flats, dry lake-beds, or disused airfields, spectators can rarely get up close to the machines taking part. The Lausitzring, thanks to the extensive use of safety barriers and its uniform surface, offers fans the chance to get much closer to the action and therefore to better appreciate the speed of the bikes on the track.

The Lausitzring is a modern motorsports venue comprising a Grand Prix-spec road racing circuit, a banked oval or ‘Indy’ course and a high-speed track for performance testing and speed records. The quarter-mile runs for this event will be taking part on just a small section of the high-speed track, utilising just one of the 1.6-mile straights.

Speaking about the 2024 event, Rudolf Steck, owner of SwissPerformance, said:

“After a successful first edition, World Speed Trials is intended to become a regular annual European event, and be established and continually expanded as a counterweight to events overseas”.