Wirral Egg Run closes

Organisers cite internet abuse and lack of funds

THE Wirral Egg Run charity closed yesterday after 32 years in operation but the Egg Run name may be poached by another group keen to continue the tradition.

The charity organised the annual Easter rideout which proved popular with locals who scrambled across the region, taking sweets, toys and gifts to children who were being treated in local hospitals.

A statement from the group reads: "Sadly, a catalogue of events has made our position untenable and the Wirral Egg Run Charity is to close with effect from Monday."

A spokesman said that the egg run was pickled this year following escalating roads management costs and a lack of sponsorship to cover the increased costs, which are thought to be in the region of £15,000, leading to this year's run being cancelled.

Following the cancellation, tensions boiled over and the organisers suffered abuse on the internet, which led to a number of key members resigning.

A 'rebel' run was organised in March and in a rather bizarre statement issued before the rebel run, the Wirral Egg Run charity said: "We must make it clear 'Egg Run' is a registered charity and the name and the concept/event belong solely to the charity. We would ask all of our many and valued supporters to refrain from organising their own version."

Despite the warning, over 2,000 bikers attended the rebel run with more expected in 2014.