Wheels to Work motorcycle rental service launched

The Wheels to Work motorcycle rental service allows people travel to work, school or college and can even help with training

A new, motorcycle rental service has been launched from its Silverstone base called Wheels to Work.

The organization provides scooter and 125cc motorcycle hire in Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire, and Berkshire.

The service is aimed at workers and those in education, and the bikes can be sued for commuting to school, college, or work. Wheels to Work is specifically aimed at people who would struggle to make use of public transport due to their location or because of travelling at anti-social times of the day.

Even those who may not be in full-time employment can use the service, as the bikes are set aside to try and help people find work too.

If public transport at the user’s home location is limited, users may be eligible for a grant to cover the cost of the hire, training, and even protective equipment.

Wheels to Work bikes and pricing guide

The pricing for the bikes is competitively organised, with a Piaggio Liberty £50 starting from around £40 per week. If a geared bike is more your thing, the Yamaha YS125 urban commuter starts from £72 per week.

Obviously the pricing will only really work if you are looking for a short term hire, as buying a bike from Piaggio or Yamaha would work out considerably cheaper in the long run. But as a stop-gap solution to getting around and getting back into work; the new scheme could be just what some people are looking for.

For more information on the Wheels to Work hire bikes, head to:


Owning a motorcycle around the year can be quite pricey.
For a rider like me that doesn't clock too many miles through the year, it can be a good option to go cruise some B and C roads for like a week during the summer: checking the weather forecast, and when you have a good week forecast, you rent one and enjoy!


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Motorcycle rentals for daily commuting has already been a thing where I am due to the heavy traffic each day that can take up you precious hours. We also have an app that's similiar to Grab, but instead of a car you backride on a motorcycle, and it's dirt cheap.

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