Wells harbour U-turn over bike parking

Bikers persuade harbour to backtrack on parking policy

WELLS Harbour is backtracking on its proposed ban on free bike parking after Visordown ran a story on it last week.

Harbour master Robert Smith says he has been persuaded by the bikers' arguments and confirmed he will seek to maintain the free bike parking on the quay.

Smith said: 'We don't want anybody to feel discriminated and we've heard what the bikers have had to say, we've taken it all on board.'

Plans are underway to redevelop the quay in the Norfolk seaside town and the final decision for the harbour bike park will be revealed this September.

The harbour authorities have struggled with demand for the dozen parking spaces by the waterfront and on occasions overspilling motorbikes have blocked loading and unloading bays, causing a challenge for harbour staff.

An alternative bike park is being built, but it is away from the water's edge and the centre of Wells-next-the-Sea. The town council voiced concerns of the potential income lost by local businesses if the harbour parking spots were removed.