Weird/wonderful Dyson inspired electric motorcycle concept

Visordown takes a closer look at a rather cool and bizarre Dyson bladeless fan inspired electric motorcycle concept 

Dyson inspired electric motorcycle concept

Designer Saharudin Busri has drawn a motorcycle concept inspired by Dyson’s fanless motors. Just when you think you’ve seen it all... this electric motorcycle takes cleaning up the streets to a whole new level.  

For those who don’t know what a fanless Dyson is, in short, it’s an over-engineered series of products which look like they belong on the space shuttle instead of someone's larder/cleaning cupboard. James Dyson took the old notion of ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ and ignored it completely. He created a number of radical-looking products which make a classic Henry hoover look like it’s powered by coal and steam. 

Sidenote, I own both a Henry and a Dyson hoover, and I love them both equally. However, the latter is the inspiration for the unique looking motorcycle you see on your screen. Let’s take a closer look. 

Dyson Inspired electric motorcycle

The curved chassis of the bike has a traditional brushed aluminium finish. The front end looks a bit like Robocop - in a cool way - with two small rounded spotlights tucked underneath the tri-slit headlights. Cleverly, the front handlebars are integrated into the turn signals, and although this would never pass in the EU, it’s still an interesting and efficient way to streamline the motorcycle.    

The ‘engine’ (or motor) is inspired by the cyclone technology V11 handheld hoover. I think? Its modular and futuristic design isn’t far off the revolutionary Curtiss Hades (see below).  

The tail design is… I have no idea, but the swing arm is a Dyson Ball - good for corners. Perhaps the most striking part of the concept is the spokeless wheels, which draw their nexus from the AM06 desk fan. 

The tyres mounted to the hollow wheels look a little bit sketchy, but chuck some actual road rubber on there and this puppy might just be ridable. 

Now, Imagine for a crazy second that this concept motorcycle made it to production… would you ride it? 

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