Watch your bike – autumn is when thefts peak, says tracking firm

Figures show leaves on the ground means tealeaves abound

YOU might assume thefts occur most in the summer, when more bikes are in use and therefore likely to be parked somewhere leaving them vulnerable.

Apparently not. In fact the peak is right now, in autumn, according to figures from a vehicle tracking firm.

Nearly a third of all stolen bikes recovered by Tracker in 2016 were stolen in autumn months, the firm says, with winter the second most high-risk season.

Tracker’s Head of Police Liaison Andy Barrs said: “Our figures show that autumn sees the highest increase in the number of bikes stolen and recovered closely followed by the winter months. Over £687,000 worth of scooters and motorcycles were recovered in 2016, an increase of 9.2% from the previous year.”

The firm issued some security tips with its data, number one predictably being ‘fit a tracking device’.

Others included:

  • Keep your keys with you at all times and keep them safe at home.
  • Mark the main areas of the motorcycle with your registration number or postcode.
  • When you park your bike in a public place, cover it and park in a well-lit area.