WATCH: Who wants to build this life-size LEGO Britten V1000?

How's this for an Easter weekend challenge? Building a life-size replica of the iconic Britten V1000 sportsbike out of LEGO...

Britten V1000 LEGO

We love a bit of LEGO whether we’re mucking around being big kids with the timeless plastic bricks or indulging ourselves to create something a little fancier… but even we think this mammoth task is a little beyond us!

Even by professional LEGO-building standards, this life-size version of the Britten V1000 is an impressive feat of brick-by-brick engineering.

There are a few reasons we love this so much – firstly and foremost the discerning motorcycle of choice.

The Britten V1000 was a motorcycle that was ahead of its time. While outlandish powerful sportsbikes are littered through motorcycle history, the Britten V1000 is unusual in that it not only boasted impressive figures, it also proved its worth on the race track with numerous impressive victories in all manner of events, as well as hold a number of Guinness World Speed Records.

The V1000 was a handbuilt sportsbike created by New Zealander John Britten kitted out with a water-cooled 999cc 60-deg V-Twin quad cam 4-stroke that could exceed 300km/h.

It boasted a number of technical innovations that would later go on to feature on other machines, such as extensive use of carbon fibre, placing the radiator under the seat, double wishbone suspension, a frameless chassis and engine data logging. With this in mind, it’s easy to forget the Britten V1000 first entered production in 1991…

Only 10 Britten V1000s were ever built and each is immensely valuable now.

Of course, none of that tech is quite replicated with the humble LEGO brick but this time lapse video of a full life-size model being created is both mesmerising and impressive to the point we REALLY want a go!