WATCH this two-stroke Suzuki RG500 lap the Isle of Man… volume up!

Feel the thrills and chills of taking an on-board lap of the Isle of Man TT aboard Danny Webb's Team Classic Suzuki RG500

Danny Webb - Classic Isle of Man TT - Suzuki RG500

We love the Isle of Man TT as much as the next man but the Classic TT admittedly stirs our emotions just that little bit more than the modern-day version.

Sure, modern technologies have helped push the lap record speeds up over the decades but since tackling the TT at full throttle is eye-popping on even the most modest of machines there is something nostalgic watching how it used to be done.

As such, while we can certainly lose an afternoon watching all manner of on-boards from the Manx race but we just love watching a classic sportsbike taking us down history lane… or perhaps history Bray Hill.

And by ‘watch’ we actually mean listen because this lap of the TT comes courtesy of a Suzuki RG500 two-stroke that truly sings on the rev limiter. Get that volume up!

You can almost smell the two-stroke from here…

This video comes courtesy of Team Classic Suzuki, which has very kindly remined those of us stuck largely indoors this Easter weekend that TT really is the greatest motorcycle race on earth, especially on such classic model.

At the controls is Danny Webb – who recently returned to circuit racing in the World Supersport Championship – who chases a rival initially before eventually getting the slipstream and moving past. As ever, there’s barely a margin for error as you whizz past spectators, houses and farm-life.

Unfortunately, this is the best we can do for the TT this year after it was cancelled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Interestingly, Team Classic Suzuki had even entered the main event with two modern-day GSX-R1000Rs decked out in classic livery.