WATCH: Tom Cruise’s latest motorcycle stunt is most spectacular yet!

Having practicised a few motorcycle ramp leaps on UK soil, Tom Cruise does it properly in the Norwegian fjords... and we're rather impressed!

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has been at it again filming some rather wild motorcycle stunts, this time in Norway, for the latest and seemingly most technically ambitious Mission Impossible film yet.

Only last month Cruise was on UK soil to complete a huge leap aboard a Honda CRF450 from a huge ramp while flanked by drones to capture the action. At a cost of £2m to set up and film, it is reported to be the most expensive stunt ever filmed on UK soil.

So what’s Cruise been up to this time? Well, much the same and we’re wondering whether the UK stunt was a ‘banker’ for the real stunt that takes place against some spectacular scenery in the depths of the Norwegian fjords of Hurtigruten.

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We’re squinting the work out what machine he is riding but it looks very similar, only this time instead of flinging himself off ‘just a ramp’ he is taking off above a huge sheer drop where he proceeds to parachute to safety. 

It took our breath away at first glance and when you consider Cruise is doing his own stunts here, we’re impressed.

We’ll assume the British scenes will be amalgamated into these ones, which just shows how much money is spent on getting just one single shot in tinsel town…

Motorcycles are likely to form a big part of the new Mission Impossible film - the seventh in the series - since we’ve seen several shots of them being ridden by Cruise and stunt riders recently, while the Hollywood star himself has been spotted learning to wheelie a BMW G310G GS at a disused RAF base.