WATCH: Hapless scooter yobs pull accidental wheelie then crash

A hilarious dashcam video has surfaced showing a couple of dozy scooter muppets attempting to make off from police only to end up hitting the kerb!

Scooter yobs crash
Scooter yobs crash

IT’S NOT NORMAL for a bike crash to make you smile – except when the crash happens at low speed, involves two idiots riding a scooter illegally, an accidental wheelie and a kerb!

The clip was reported on the Mail Online and was filmed by a Derbyshire police patrol on their dash-mounted camera. It shows the two assailants hop on number plate-less bike and attempt to flee the chasing fuzz.



Clearly suffering from a large dose of whiskey throttle, the rider gives it a big dose of the right wrist forgetting he’s now one person heavier than before – and more than a little out of balance. In a matter of seconds, the chav laden scoot is rearing up and wheelieing over the road like a randy bull that’s spotted a field of heifers on the horizon.

Sadly for us, the kerbstones bring an end to this sportswear edition of Buckaroo and the two twits drop the bike after the rider folds the front and they scraper into the night.

The police did manage to seize the bike, which was almost certainly nicked, although the riders remain at large.

 A police spokesperson said: 'The passenger was wearing black bottoms with a stripe on the leg and a black top. The driver was wearing a black and white top with black trousers and white trainers.'

Anyone with information about this incident or the people involved can call police on 101 quoting the incident number of 1505 of 01/01.

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