WARNING: Once seen can never be unseen

Want to see what happens when a Harley-Davidson and an Africa Twin mate?

WARNING: Once seen can never be unseen

GRAB THE MIND BLEACH FOLKS because after you’ve watched this video we found in the deepest part of the dark web, you might want to forget it ever happened.

Built in San Diego, which I presume must be a state where brewing up your own moonshine is legal because, why else you take the front fairing off and Africa Twin, some knobblies then chuck them at a Sport Glide? The bike seems to have a bespoke frame, suspension, yolks and swingarm set up and has been built by San Diego Customs.

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For true off-road prowess (or not) they have then chucked in the most mahoosive bar risers this office has ever seen on the bike. People took the piss out of the risers on the Honda Crosstourer as being long – I’ve seen smaller objects propping up the front of 17th century stately homes!

For me the underseat exhaust is the biggest face-palm moment. If somebody sees the bike go and tap the owner on the shoulder and remind them when they’re off-road on a bike the wheel will probably need to use that space at some point. So, what do I like about this bike… The lights. Just the LED lights.

Look, I can see that a shedload of work has gone into it and the team at San Diego Customs build some properly cool stuff – check it out here – but for me, this is missing the mark. For all the fabrication work in the frame and swingarm they could have made a bespoke fairing and made such a better looking bike for it.

God help those risers too!

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