Want a car? No! You want a Rocket Shield!

Weird contraption designed to help you ride up to 150mph in increased comfort.

Rocketshield ... it could take off

"TODAY, Dragon's I'm offering you five percent of my company for £5m. I call it... the Rocketshield."

No, not a device for keeping missile off your bonce while riding along, but a strange kind of 'super fairing' designed and built built by American inventor David Fermil.

The Rocketshield is fixed to the bike (currently on his 2006 ZX-10R via the pillion seat and mirror mounts and allows the rider to, according to Fermil, ride at up to 150mph is increased comfort.

Fermil says he can build one for you bike too, just contact him and he'll price one up for you and help you turn your bike into: "A 180mph maniac machine."

Err... we're not sure about his claim that his Rocket Shield turns the 2006 ZX-10R from a comfort commuter into the aforementioned maniac machine (and doesn't it do 180 anyway?). We wouldn't call a ZX-10R a comfort commuter, either.

Still, it looks proper mental. And we kinda like it for that very reason. You can contact David via: http://rocketshields.com/