Video of Toni Bou scaling vertical rocks on bike is mind blowing

Superstar Trials rider Toni Bou prepares himself for the 2020 World Trials Championship by showing off his world-famous skills in training

Toni Bou - Montesa Repsol

Multiple World Trials Champion Toni Bou needs little introduction to those in the know but for those that aren’t. the man’s superhuman skills of a motorcycle can be summed up in this rather marvellous video he’s posted on his social media channels.

Part trials rider, part magician you only need to see just how many World Trials titles Bou has won over the years – 13 consecutive outdoor championships between 2007 right up to 2019 – to get a simple understanding of how talented he is.

In short, if you thought Marc Marquez was the most successful rider in Repsol colours then you would be very wrong.

As such, we just couldn’t help but bring to your attention some serious skills emanating from Bou’s valuable limbs as he shows off just what he can do with a motorbike even when it is barely moving.

While most trials courses need some power behind it, Bou shows with right balance and strength you can scale an almost vertical cluster of rocks with just pure skill.

We could watch this all day…

To say he makes it look so easy and effortless is frankly an understatement

On this evidence alone it’s hard to see how anyone could get close to Bou in competition. Indeed, his reign at the top of the sport is simply unprecedented.

Not only does Bou have 13 Outdoor World Championships to his name, he has 13 Indoor World Championships too. This makes him – by far – the most successful rider in the world in terms of results.

And he is still only 33-years old.