Here's the new Batbike… but what is Batman riding (and crashing)?

The all-new Batbike (Batcycle) appears during filming in Glasgow for the upcoming DC Comics Batman film... but what exactly is it?

Batcycle Batbike Batman

Filming for the latest instalment of the Batman film franchise has begun in Glasgow with fans of the Dark Knight getting a glimpse of his wheels for the new movie, the iconic Batbike.

This week DC Comics and Warner Bros. film crews turned up at Necropolis cemetery in Glasgow city centre in a location no doubt doubling up as the mythical Gotham City.

While you readers may not be terribly fussed about the rebooted franchise – which will see Robert Pattinson take up the role of Batman – it is a chance to catch sight of the latest Batbike (or Batcycle) he will be riding in the new film.

But what exactly is he – or rather a stunt double - riding?

Indeed, while manufacturers have often been at pains to point out their machines are being used in all manner of different upcoming flicks, no brand has come forward to ride off the coattails off its promotion yet so it is down to our own investigations to work out what it is.

As a bat-inspired custom it’s likely to be a mongrel of motorcycles, though it appears to have begun life as a Harley-Davidson Softail, even if it has undergone some transformations to give it a more unique appearance and to ensure it doesn’t get completely bashed up when it’s crashed, as this video shows.

We’ll assume it looks a bit more spectacular when it hits the screens… if it makes the cut.