VIDEO: Killacycle blasts 0-60mph in under a second

And who said battery-powered bikes don't work? Killacycle does a quarter mile in 7.89s @ 168mph

US DRAG RACING guru Scotty Pollacheck has made drag racing history again - by rocketing from 0 to 60 mph in under one second - on a battery-powered motorcycle.

Pollacheck achieved the amazing feat aboard the KillaCycle — a battery-driven drag bike that has already covered the quarter mile in under eight seconds.

“The powerful nano-phosphate battery cells are what makes the the bike go as fast as it does,” said racing team owner Bill Dube. He added, “If you think about it, the KillaCycle is just a giant cordless drill with wheels.”

Reports say Dube is now working on a version of the KillaCycle capable of producing 1,000 bhp.

Watch out, Veyron owners.