140kg 500cc Two-Stroke special

US-made 500cc two-stroke triple, geared to 120mph and built to eat up canyon roads

Jaybuilt 500cc two-stroke triple canyon racer

500cc Two-Stroke Canyon Racer ... click video to hear it running

THESE DAYS it's rare to see specials and even rarer to see two-strokes being given a new lease of life. But that's exactly what the builder of this San Francisco special has done.

The bike is powered by a 500cc two-stroke triple engine, with front and rear suspension off a Kawasaki ZX-9R. The fuel tank is located under the engine to keep the bike's centre of gravity as low as possible. The whole bike weighs just 140kg.

We're not sure about the square looks, but we do love the enginerring that's gone into it. The whole bike is held together by around 20 bolts and can be taken apart in an hour. The engine can be swapped out in just 30 minutes. Try that with your R6!