Video: attempted bike-jacking in busy London street

Three suspects force rider to stop and attempt to snatch key

HELMET camera footage released by the Met Police shows what officers believe was an attempted bike-jacking on a busy London road in broad daylight. 

The video shows three men forcing the victim to pull over and blocking his way while one attempts to snatch the key from his ignition.

It was captured on the victim’s helmet camera at around 1pm on April 24 on the A20 Eltham Road in Lewisham, south London.

Police say the suspects, on a Yamaha Tmax, Yamaha XJ6 and Triumph Street Triple, chased the victim and tried to collide with him before hurling abuse and threats at him.

The video was released on July 5 but police have yet to confirm any arrests.

A Visordown user posted a link to it on our forum, with the message ‘Somebody must know who they are.’

Anyone with any information is asked to call Lewisham CID on 101 quoting reference number 3209476/16 or Crimestoppers annonymously on 0800 555 111.


good discussion, whilst you holidaying
also on your FB page load of additional info
Croydon- Clapham- Kensington- Bexley is the area where incidents took place

Surely rozzers know the dates, have the sound, the numberplates for Yamaha WU13 LFN , Trumpet WA11 HTP

LS650's picture

If we could step aside from all the anti-Yank comments for a moment, I think there's more to the story than just a simple attempt at bike theft. When sort of bike thief rides a T-Max..?

Seriously, it looks to me as though the solo rider recording the action did something to piss off the other three riders, and they're attempting to have a word with him about it, rather than make any legitimate attempt to steal his ride.

The video has no audio track (or at least I can't hear it), and we don't see what happened before the chase or after. I'm not so sure I believe the story as it's presented here.

I call bullshit on this entire story. I don't see any attempt to steal the bike. The number plates on at least two bikes are clearly visible too. The police aren't stupid; they can see the number plates too. The fact that there is no sound strikes me as odd. My guess is that the owner of the video had pissed off a group of riders and he's trying to somehow profit from the encounter.

Apart from not seeing any attempts at snatching the keys as claimed I cannot see either any of the biker carrying a pillion... Kind of necessary to ride the 'stolen' bike away!!! I agree with some of the guys that an argument has happened at some point and a sanctimonious, superior ego couldn't take the slap down hoping that the police would give him satisfaction. I can add though that this summer more than ever I have encountered many bikers riding in in groups being absolute assholes, without helmets and some even without number plates. Generally being very aggressive and dangerous more to other motorcyclists than the public in general. Happy the young are getting into motorcycling and don't mind a bit 'slightly antisocial' behaviour but I can see it becoming a bigger problem in the near future.


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