James May caught speeding on his new bike

Just minutes after leaving the dealership

James May caught speeding on his new bike

JAMES MAY has revealed that he was caught speeding just half a mile from the London dealership where he’d bought a new Honda CBR600RR.

On August 11 the ex-Top Gear presenter and motorcycle aficionado took to Twitter to announce that he’d bought a new bike and got caught speeding in the first 16 miles of ownership.

But in a more recent tweet, May has revealed that he was caught just around the corner from Chiswick Honda, while heading north on the North Circular.

Speaking to the Mail Online, he said, ‘I was caught this time. That stretch of road used to be 40 [miles per hour], but they recently brought it down to 30.’

He also told the Mail Online that ‘It's a fair cop. I try to respect speed limits and rules in urban areas.’

May hasn’t said exactly how fast he was going but a Twitter post mocking some speed awareness course ‘customer feedback’ indicates that he’ll soon be in the classroom himself.

In this 2007 interview, James May told us that the fastest he’s been on a bike is 125mph, before bottling it. And if you want to know more aobut James May's passion for two wheels, click here.

James May's love of bikes has also provided inspiration for our new favourite poem: