Victory Motorcycles realign UK prices

Company reduces prices inline with exchange rates

Victory Motorcycles has realigned its UK retail prices to reflect the recent $US/£UK exchange rates and increasing production volumes in the United States, where the bikes are made.

Polaris, which owns the Victory brand, began manufacturing motorcycles just nine years ago from its base in Medina, Minnesota. America has around 40,000 Victory riders, and the company claim British sales are on the up.

As an example the price reductions now mean Victory's Vegas 8-Ball drops from £9,995 to £8,495 and will be effective from 1 September 2007.

"It's fantastic news that the favourable exchange rate and higher production

volumes in the US have allowed us to be more price competitive in the UK,"

said Polaris Britain general manager, Ross Clifford.

For further information please contact:

Victory Motorcycles (Polaris Britain)

Tel. 01453 852300