Veteran NHS fundraiser Captain Tom Moore was also a motorcycle racer

The veteran fundraising hero Cpt Tom Moore has so far raised millions for the NHS and he used to be a keen motorcycle racer

NHS Fundraising veteran

THE hero veteran who has so far raised over £18m for the NHS used to ride motorcycles during the war and was a keen motorcycle racer.

Cpt Tom Moore came to the public attention this week after setting out on a fundraising mission that has captured the hearts of the nation.

Originally setting out to raise just £1,000, Cpt Moore began walking laps of his garden, hoping to manage 100 laps before his 100th birthday at the end of this month.

Completing the task and gaining global notoriety for his efforts, Cpt Moore has since gone on to raise a staggering £18,031,258.02 – at the time of writing.

One thing you might not be aware of though is that Cpt Tom Moore was an avid motorcyclist, even taking part in motorcycle races wearing the number 23 – a number that is still used by the Army endurance racing team to this day.

Bought his first bike at the age of 12, his lifelong passions for motorcycles came in handy while serving in India with his regiment. There he would set up a motorcycling course for the brigade he was part of. Once returning back to the UK after service, bikes were still a big part of Cpt Moore’s life.

Since he completed his challenge, Cpt Moore has received global acclaim for his efforts, being featured in newspapers and even getting some time on morning television.

From all of us at Visordown, you are a true hero sir, bravo.

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