Valentino Rossi for President!

Lino Dainese appoints seven-time world champion as Honorary President of AGV helmets

Lino Dainese (left) with Giacomo Agostini and Rossi

IN A lavish ceremony yesterday, the founder and current president of Dainese S.p.a., appointed Valentino Rossi as Honorary President of AGV helmets, the historic Italian that Dainese acquired in 2007.

The gesture was heartfelt recognition of Dainese's esteem and faith in the Rossi, which has grown over many years of working and obtaining results together.

As Lino Dainese affirmed: “Valentino Rossi has been the thread – or rather, the steel cable – that has managed to keep AGV connected with motorcycle racing at times when this historic firm had lost that particular verve and freshness which, from its outset, had made it become a world leader in the manufacture of crash helmets. Thanks to his exploits, his commitment to his craft and his enthusiasm, Valentino has nurtured the AGV brand, taking it to the highest level of the podium. That is why AGV has decided to make Valentino Rossi an honorary president of AGV.”