Former Knievel bodyguard to jump giant crab

Gene Sullivan set to claw his way into the record books this weekend

The 68-foot crab which Sullivan will attempt to jump

A FORMER BODYGUARD of the late Evel Knievel is set to make a scene this coming weekend, when he attempts to jump his motorcycle over the world’s largest horseshoe crab.

Gene Sullivan is to attempt to jump the 68-foot long fibreglass crab as part of Crab Fest 2008, which takes place in Ohio over the next few days. Sullivan says the jump will be extremely difficult because he will not be able to see the landing ramp due to the size of the crab. To make things extra-spicey, Sullivan will crash through the wall of fire on his landing.

Jim Rankin, pastor the local church said: “It’s longer than his normal jump. After he leaves the take-off ramp to go over the front of the crab and before he lands he will actually crash through a huge gasoline firewall. Then he’ll land on the landing ramp and head out into our other parking lot in the back.”

Sullivan is celebrating 30 years of motorcycle jumping. “Gene is the oldest jumper in the world. He is 60. He has been jumping since 1978. He wants to cap off that 30th anniversary with something he has never done before,” Rankin said.

Only in America, folks!