Over 200 classic race bikes go up for auction at no reserve

Time to raid the savings account as 220 modern and classic race bikes and motorcycles are about to go under the hammer at a no reserve auction

Yamaha TZ250

J WOOD & CO are holding an estate auction on the 9th November and over 200 classic and modern motorcycles and classic racebikes are about to go into a no reserve auction and they have online bidding!

Dangerously (for my savings anyway) the auction will accept online bidding - best not get to click happy after a couple of pints on the 9th November then.

for more information on the auction and to see all the lots, head here: http://www.jwoodandcompany.com/

The auction includes many European and Japanese machines covering both two-stroke and four-stroke machines from the likes of Ducati, Bimota, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda. Here are a few of our personal favourites.

Yamaha TZ750D factory race bike

This TZ750D is gorgeous ‘speedblock’ paint job is claimed to be a factory race machine – that might have something to do with the hoard of trophies behind it!

Weighing around 150kg and putting out over 100hp, the TZ was a formidable beast, requiring talent and bravery in equal amounts. Definitely one for the Classic TT parade lap!

Ducati Desmosedici

Few race bikes can touch the Desmosedici for the sheer brutal beauty of the thing. This example looks to be a full-fat race bike, with MotoGP correct fairings and 2007 barcode paint job with Casey Stoner’s world championship-winning number on the front.

It’s not clear if the machine is a bona fide race from the MotoGP era, or if it’s a road-going Desmo decked out in the iconic livery. Either way, it’ll look lovely in the living room at home!

Yamaha TZ250 Marlboro

There are very few paintjobs that make for such good-looking racing machines than the Marlboro colour scheme. From F1 cars to MotoGP bikes, the simple red and white motif with black writing is about a classy as it gets.

Yamaha FZR 400

It may be small in capacity but the FZR400 is big on retro looks and race-rep style. Squint your eyes a bit and it could be an OWO1!

Bimota Tesi 3d

It may look like a college tech project but the Tesi 3d is a proper work of engineering art that very nearly changed the way we think about a motorcycle’s front end.

The theory is to change the way braking forces are dissipated, preventing dive and keeping the bike more composed on corner entry. The reality was a bike that lacked the feel of a normal bike and the machine is now a curio of motorcycle design. Sad really, it could’ve been great.