UK track day company has bikes stolen while in transit from EU track day

A UK track day company has had a ‘number’ of motorcycles stolen while in transit back from Estoril

Triumph speed Triple RS track day

A ‘number’ of motorcycles have been stolen while in Transit back from the Estoril racing circuit in Portugal.

No Limits Trackdays made the announcement on Wednesday day evening to state that the bikes had been stolen and that they were working with local authorities and their insurers to safeguard the customer’s investments.

They also state that they are unable to release any specific information regarding the incident. But. No Limits Trackdays also state that there are a number of promising leads for the local police to follow, having collected these from the CCTV, we assume at the time of the theft.

Any customers affected by the incident have already been contacted, and that No Limits and their insurers are working closely with those affected to cover the customer’s losses.

The statement reads:

‘Regrettably I’m tasked to inform customers of the first ever incident in the history of No Limits running European trips that's resulted in a number of bikes being stolen while in transit back from Estoril.

‘At the moment we cannot release specific information as its under investigation by the police and our insurance investigators who are already following up a number of promising leads collected from CCTV of the whole incident.

‘Our usual working practice and method of secure transportation was followed but it's believed that it was premeditated by professionals and the means to carry out such a act.

‘We have already been in contact with them customers directly affected. We can only convey our sincere apologies for this tragedy and assure them affected that this matter will be dealt with in a amicable manner of which you expect from No Limits.

‘Our insurance are actively working on this and will work closely with customers to cover the losses.

‘We reassure customers that anyone travelling overseas with No Limits that this is a isolated incident with further measures now in place to made sure it won't be repeated. Bikes and equipment are fully insured and transported by a logistics expert with security the upmost importance.

‘We decided to go fully public with this despite putting us in a bad light so we can update customers as soon as we get specific information of the bikes stolen so allowing to post up the details and hopefully at least make them too hot to handle.

‘Needless to say, we're all absolutely devastated about this news and just about sums up the whole of 2020.’

The blow comes at a tough time for track day companies on a whole, with fluctuating travel restrictions across Europe no doubt causing some to shy away from foreign track days for fear of having to quarantine on return to the UK.

Visordown sincerely hopes that No Limits and the customers whose bikes were stolen can recover their losses and get back out on the track doing what we all love.