Triumph issues recall on Speed Triple R and S models

The loose wire could cause an electrical short, resulting in the bike stalling

Triumph issues recall on Speed Triple R and S models

BAD news Speed Triple R and S owners…

Triumph has issued a recall on 1,146 models in the UK due to a loose wire causing ‘risk of an electrical short’.

Bikes built between 17/09/2015 and 31/08/2017 are subject to the recall, which was announced last month.

On the official Department for Transport recall notice, Triumph has stated:

‘On affected machines there is a risk of one of the link leads to the regulator rectifier developing an electrical short. A bracket introduced at the start of production may interfere with the link lead, resulting in damage to the outer protective sheathing and over time potentially exposing the wire. Contact between the bracket and the exposed wire may lead to an electrical short. In some cases the electrical short may cause an engine stall without warning.’

It may sound like an insignificant issue, but if a bike was to stall while riding it could result in a serious crash.

To rectify the issue, Triumph will replace the link lead and re-route it to avoid contact with this bracket.

If you think your bike may be affected, complete Triumph's recall search, or contact your local dealer.