'Touch Ban' Injunctions Target Motorcycle Theft Gang in Leeds

Groups banned from touching any motor vehicles

WEST YORKSHIRE POLICE have released this video of a group stealing a motorcycle in Leeds city centre in less than 10 seconds. In response, the police have introduced a new 'touch ban' for the group of 5 men and 6 youths in an attempt to reduce the number of motorcycle thefts and related anti-social behaviour. The injunction bans them touching any motor vehicle in West Yorkshire without the owner’s permission.

Such a ban was required as the gang became so prolific that they had a "constant stream of stolen motorbikes, scooters and quads for youths to ride around on, no matter how many the police seized."

"The group were identified as being linked to an organised gang behind an upsurge in the theft of motorbikes across Leeds that fuelled motorbike-related anti-social behaviour centred on the Seacroft area throughout 2017." The group were stealing motorcycles to either sell for parts, or using them in further crime before giving them to youths to partake in anti-social behaviour.

Police say there has been an issue with anti-social behaviour in the area for years, but it had dramatically increased this summer. Public reports have stated the bikes were being ridden at high speeds of 90mph, on pavements and even through children's play areas. 

Besides one of the men who was banned for 5 years, the remaining 4 men received "injunctions, which are valid for one year, forbid them from associating with each other in public; touching any motor vehicle in West Yorkshire without the owner’s permission; possessing or driving any vehicle in West Yorkshire unless they are the registered keeper or with their permission and with all relevant legal requirements including licence, insurance and MOT; driving any vehicle anti-socially; possessing bolt croppers or angle grinders or any controlled drugs; or disguising their faces with scarves, hoods or helmets other than when riding a vehicle legitimately."

Jordan Bodally

Jack O'Gorman

Adam Birkett

Macauley Nay

Joseph Thrush

Ryan Smith


I have seen countless youtube videos of UK bike thefts and I'm just astounded that they *never* end with the bike owner and his friends coming up behind the thieves and bashing their brains out with baseball bats (or whatever equivalent they have in the UK).

What do you think would happen to these scooter-riding wimps if they were in the U.S. and attempted to steal bikes owned by members of the Warlocks, Bandidos, or Pagan's motorcycle gangs? There wouldn't be any "touch-ban" injunctions needed after that.


How about anyone, one person or more, touching any bike that isn’t theirs, getting dragged away. These people are scum who can’t be bothered to work for what they think they deserve, so think they are entitled to take it from people who have worked hard for their pride and joy. Then to make matters worse if it goes wrong they are prepared to use life changing antics like throwing acid at people. There are not enough consequences for their actions.

Where are the prison sentences? Just giving more warnings to law breakers just shows how ineffective current policies are. I am sure if the owners took matters into their own hands the police would be all too eager to prosecute....

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