Top 10 stunning homologation specials - page three

Track-ready production bikes to make you drool

Top 10 stunning homologation specials - page three

6: Yamaha OW-01

The Yamaha FZR750RR OW-01 was he firm’s response to Honda’s RC30, a dedicated race bike, with just 500 made to meet homologation rules and get it ready for the 1989 WSBK season. While it didn’t look radically different to the road-going FZR750, the OW-01 was a substantially different bike. Its five-valve engine, with titanium rods and flat-slide carbs, needed careful fettling and regular maintenance. Today, they’re highly prized despite never winning a WSB title.

5: Ducati 999R

For many, Ducati’s 999 is the ginger-haired stepson of the firm’s superbike lineage, but the ‘R’ version deserves to be heralded above most of its relatives. Sure, you might not like the Pierre Terblanche styling; the South African’s attempt to make a clean break from the 916/996 range that preceded it was radical, but perhaps not beautiful. Ducati threw everything at the R version; carbon bodywork, a redesigned engine making 150hp even in road trim, Brembos, Ohlins, magnesium bits wherever possible… It was a tour de force, and the recipe worked. It won the WSBK title three times – 2003, 2004 and 2006. Sure, the 916 and its spin-offs won more titles, but in 2004 and 2006, the 999R’s wins were against 1000cc fours, not the 750s that its predecessor had to battle.

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