Toni Bou breaks leg in training accident, undergoes emergency surgery

28-time Trials World Champion Toni Bou breaks his leg in a training accident... but that doesn't mean he is taking a break from social media! 

Toni Bou - Montesa HRC

Toni Bou is recovering after undergoing a successful surgery on his leg after breaking his fibula in an accident during training.

One of sport’s most dominant figures regardless of discipline, motoring or otherwise, the extraordinary 28-time trials World Champion took a spill in testing and fractured his left leg, necessitating an emergency surgery that led to ‘osteosynthesis with a fibula plate in the left leg’.

One of our favourite and most prolific social media stars, Bou has been having the time of his life during lockdown showcasing the deft skills and cat-like precision negotiating trials courses with such limbre ability it makes us assume it is easy (it is not).

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So it is perhaps fitting he chose Instagram to announce his latest ‘achievement’, that being he had the benefit of the medical profession’s smartest specialists - Dr Josep Torrent and Dr Maurise Saur - at iMove Traumatology in Spain working on him.

We say this because an injury of this nature could take weeks of recovery but instead his postoperative phase will only be ten days - the wonders of modern medicine!

Which is handy because the opening round of the Trials World Championship is srt for June 12 in Italy, so by all accounts the Montesa (Honda) rider should be ready at the line in just over a month’s time. 

In the meantime, watch Mr Bou in spectacular action on Instagram right up the day he suffered his injury - including some nifty tricks on a Honda Africa Twin - and we look forward to him getting back into action very soon.