Tech that alerts emergency services if you crash is on the way

New technology that can tell if you've suffered a crash and will alert the emergency services is coming to motorcycles finally


Technology that will automatically alert the emergency services if you so happen to have a crash is being developed for use on motorcycles by Bosch, it has been revealed.

Named ‘Help Connect’, Bosch describes it has having a ‘digital guardian angel’ at your side and is hoped it will ensure riders receive a more rapid response in the event of an accident.

The technology itself isn’t terribly new, with several car manufacturers using systems that can tell if a driver has had a crash and alert emergency services straight away and locate the vehicle. However, perhaps curiously, the tech hasn’t been adapted for motorcycles on a wide scale.

This could change though thanks to Bosch, whose ‘Help Command’ system is connected to a motorcycle via Bluetooth on a smartphone app, which makes the call when the motorcycle’s installed inertia sensor detects an event at odds with regular riding, such as hitting the ground at speed, striking an object or being hit by something.

The sensor measures acceleration and angular velocity approximately 100 times per second and is designed to tell the difference between an accident and a mishap, such as dropping the bike or having a low speed bump.

In the event of a crash, a notification is flagged at the Bosch Service Center, which makes the call to emergency services. The phone’s GPS allows responders to locate the rider in case the injured party is unable to take the call.

The technology is set to be launched in Bosch’s home market of Germany first before expanding to other nations.