Taylor Mackenzie wants to earn his 2021 BSB ride… by working for you

Taylor Mackenzie has come up with a novel way to fund a potential 2021 British Superbike Championship ride... by working for you!

Taylor Mackenzie - Synetiq BMW [credit: Ian Hopgood]

It’s hard to fault entrepreneurial spirit, especially when it comes to motorsport where for every multi-million dollar paid sportsperson who get to race cars or motorcycles for a living, there are perhaps a dozen investing everything they have to make it happen.

So it is heartening - and revealing - to see the lengths some go to in order to raise the backing needed racing, not least one Taylor Mackenzie, who is on the hunt for a new ride in 2021 after his sojourn to British Superbikes with Synetiq BMW didn’t yield expected results.

Even if the results on track weren’t those he desired though, Mackenzie - son of former champion Niall and brother to McAMS Yamaha rider Tarran - has nonetheless carved a niche with his social media profile and tongue-in-cheek content which provide a quirkier glance at racing.

We’ve even run one of his social media posts, this short but amusing clip involving Tarran achieving thousands of retweets.

As such, it is content production that Mackenzie wants to use in order to help him get back on the grid either in Superbikes or Superstock, where he is a championship-winning racer. 

But he isn’t keen to simply go down the route of ‘GoFundMe’, particularly in a year as financially strenuous as this one, Mackenzie wants to - as he puts it - ‘work for you’ and he has subsequently floated some ideas that he hopes will see we as the public receive value from what he produces.

Give it a watch and see what you think…